LimBreak-Rail: New EUREKA-project together with Arcteq Oy

A bidirectional, ultra-fast DC-breaker, such as the breaker technology offered by Scibreak, can with great benefits be used also in AC-systems. Especially in 16.7 Hz railway applications, the ability to dramatically reduce the total fault clearance time brings a unique and valuable tool to the grid owners.

The requirements on and possibilities enabled by a fast-acting fault detection system will be investigated in the form of a EUREKA-project called LimBreak-Rail.

The project will be carried out as a collaboration together with the innovative Finnish SME Arcteq, which develops detection systems for both 50 Hz and 16.7 Hz applications. A fault detection system will, as a part of the project, be demonstrated and tested in the grid of the Swedish national railway operator, Trafikverket.